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July 1, 2014
July 1, 2014

‘I never knew 31 years
could go so fast’ you said,
A morning reflection on this day
three decades plus a year ago
A day as warm as this
is turning out to be.

Among other things,
we declared then,
before our family and friends,
’till death do us part’
which has proved,
at times,
more a threat
than a promise
or at least an uncertain hope.

Our daily battle
(well mine at least)
that serpent promise
of autonomy
Give me the right
to define my world
create a framework
into which
you are welcome to live
until your own naming
violates mine
which it does –
all too often.

And in the authoring
of this creation,
our deliberate act
of joining,
we took
the reins of our lives
(or so we thought)
‘Two becoming one’.

Since that moment
(and before)
Death has
and is occurring.
either self
or this shared life
is cut down.
It really is either one or the other.

So in the speed
of this life
The either / or
of ‘me’ or ‘we’
I can say this,
I’m thankful for vows kept,
a lifetime of honoring commitments
and the mercy
that does not keep a ledger.