What I Did On My Summer Vacation 2016

Early July Greg and I flew to Vancouver (on points in case you’re wondering how we managed that!) and I took a course at Regent College with Malcolm Guite. Here is a link to his blog which is updated regularly (unlike… AHEM…mine)

Can I just say – if you love poetry – or even just like it a little, you really need to read his …or listen to him read. Either way, you need to stop what you are doing now (reading this) and head on over via the above link. I’ll wait.


Back? So very good right?! Imagine a week of a class with him! I took notes like crazy. Listened with my head and my heart and enjoyed every minute.

And also…didn’t hurt a bit that it was in Vancouver. Not any wonder at all that it costs you all the money to live there. Mornings (while I was in class), it was cool and sometimes a teeny bit rainy; by noon the sun was out, it was warm, the mountains emerged in all their splendor and we took full advantage. Greg and I walked over 20,000 steps/day visiting Granville Market, biking around False Creek and Stanley Park, taking the ferry over to North Van, walking the streets and beaches around Point Grey. It was exhausting and amazing together. We had such a good week.

What I am going to do – hopefully for a few days – is post some of the poetry I’ve been doing around that time and since.

I watch the boats on English Bay today
(and crabbers dipping nets)
fearless gulls hover
waiting a discarded feast
(not of their own making)

some paddlers, young and inexperienced
fight losing battles with ocean waves
and tiny windsurfer sails upended
their intended form
now salt-water flatten, shapeless, void

a boat moves in
a rope is thrown
a child
who’s cries have mingled with gull shrieks
is pulled from an unwanted baptism

Your Spirit too
Blows where it will
Moves this frail craft

I hold tight to my sail
Into these unknown, uncharted places
Brace myself for my own upending
And then the bread and fish
That you provide

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